Avatar Safety Glasses, Red/Black Polycarbonate Frame, Clear Polycarbonate Lens

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  • Uvex lens tint applications help with any task, including sun and glare reduction, fluorescent/halogen/sodium lamp low light areas, indoor/outdoor transition, welding and traffic signal recognition.
  • Uvex lens coatings deliver long-lasting anti-fog and anti-scratch performance; permanent bonding to the lens prevents wash/wear off even after extended use or repeated cleanings.
  • Eight points of adjustment, including ratchet hinge for lens inclination of 15°; flexible, wire-core temples that adjust to any head size; floating nose loop and flexible nose pads to fit any nasal profile.
  • Three-fourths frame is ultra-light, stylish and contemporary and soft brow frame diffuses impacts.


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Uvex Avatar Safety Glasses offer the ultimate in custom-fit comfort. MMT+ combines rubber compounds and composite materials into various design elements to achieve maximum customization. The angle-adjustable ratchet temple hinge provides a lens inclination of 15° and the wire-core temples flex to fit any facial profile. The temples are also soft-tipped for comfort and insulated to allow for use in electrical environments. A floating nose loop and flexible nose pads are designed to reduce slippage and fit any nasal profile. The sleek three-fourths frame is stylish and contemporary, and ultra-light for longwearing comfort. The browguard is cushioned to enhance comfort even further. From a safety standpoint, the wraparound design offers excellent peripheral vision and protection from flying debris. Indirect venting helps to keep the lenses fog-free for clear vision. Uvex stands for


Honeywell Uvex™
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