Anchor Collection 3-Tier Single Serve Pod Carousel Countertop Organizer, 9.5 x 9.5 x 11.75, Black

SKU: 9999698

  • Having a variety of coffee choices waiting for you in one central location makes choosing your flavor easier.
  • A multitude of coffee pod choices are at your fingertips, with this convenient rotating design.
  • This coffee pod dispenser is durable enough to be used multiple times each day, and the rubber grips on the base keep it in place.
  • A streamlined, all-black design feels minimal and looks right at home in any workplace or cafe.


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Compact and convenient coffee pod storage. Just right for your breakroom, reception area, or hospitality suite, this single serve coffee pod carousel organizes everyone's favorite flavors and minimizes messes. Just fill up this coffee pod dispenser and reward yourself with a hot cup of java—no assembly required. It stores up to 15 single-serve pods in each of its three rotating tiers for total of 45 pods. You can arrange them in multiple ways to suit various tastes and preferences. Spills happen, especially when days get hectic. There is no reason to fret about time-consuming cleanup as this coffee pod organizer cleans up quickly with the help of a damp cloth. It is made from heavy-duty plastic which stands up to everyday use. Neat, simple, and minimal, the coffee pod carousel elevates your breakroom coffee drinking experience and makes busy breaks a breeze.


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