2032 Lithium Coin Battery, 3V

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  • Delivers long-lasting, dependable performance in specialty devices like heart rate monitors, remotes, keyless entry systems, glucose monitors, toys, and games.
  • Holds power for up to eight years in storage, ensuring you have Lithium Coin Batteries ready when you need them.
  • Replacement for: L14, DL2032, SB-T15, and 5004LC.

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Dont let their small size fool you. Energizer 1632 Lithium Coin 3-Volt Battery delivers big time on long-lasting, dependable power for your coin-battery-operated items. From heart rate or glucose monitors, to remotes, keyless entry systems, key fobs, watches, toys and games, and even more specialized devices, they are compatible with the devices that fit your life, so you can keep going. These reliable and durable Energizer Coin Lithium Batteries are able to withstand a wide range of temperatures (from -22° to 140°F) and can hold power in storage for up to eight years, giving you coin battery power you can depend on. With zero mercury and child-resistant safety packaging to keep your little one safe, it's easy to see why Energizer Lithium Coin Batteries are the right choice for your specialty devices.


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